Kabir Humaun was born on 28 april of 1971 at Fathepur village of Ramgang upazilla in Laxmipur. After completing post-graduation, he began his career at Nazrul Instituate along with journalism. At a phase of his long career, he left the country to Beijing, capital of China, for acquiring higher studies in 2003. He stayed there during 2008 for two terms. For the first time, he studied at Beijing language and cultural university and for the second time, he studied at Beijing central academy of drama, the world-renowned institution of theatrical studies. He studied there about film direction. He returned back the country from abroad in 2008 and after facing long obstacle he began to work as an interpreter of china language. Having some discomforts, now he is working as assistant editor at a national daily. Kabir Humayun, one of prolific poets of nineties, published seven poetry books and beyond this he also published an open prose book named 39 Dong Mian Huang Huthong which is the first effort of open prose in the Bengal’s literary history. Kabir’s poem had been translated into several languages including chinese, japanese, korean, soahili along with english. .

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